Pump energy saving eight clever moves



1. Shorten the pipeline as far as possible.

2. No "anti-aircraft gun" type outlet pipe. Because the outlet pipe increases energy consumption. At the same time to make the pump outlet is opposite the pool.

3, try to increase the diameter of the outlet pipe.

4. Clear the blockage in the pipeline in time. Foreign matter left in the inlet pipe, impeller or diversion shell channel, will make the water yield is reduced.

5, try to use coupling direct transmission, this is because the coupling direct transmission efficiency is higher than the belt transmission.

6, under the premise of ensuring water clean, can remove the screen.

7, to carefully check the sealing parts of the pump to prevent the pump air. If air is injected into the pump, the water output will be significantly reduced.

8, can use motor without diesel engine or gasoline engine, conditional use of three-phase asynchronous motor without single-phase asynchronous motor.

Water pump


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