Discussion on the origin of sealing water of slurry pump shaft



The working medium of the slurry pump is a mixture of water and solid particles, which is very serious to the wear and corrosion of the metal. After the impeller pressure boost, the slurry will leak out from the shaft seal or accumulate in the dynamic and static gap of the shaft seal, causing the wear and corrosion. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, the slurry pump must be filled with shaft sealing water.

The shaft seal water is injected into the shaft seal with clean water with higher pressure in the slurry pump. The shaft seal water can flow into the pump and prevent the slurry from overflowing from the shaft seal, so as to prevent the shaft and the shaft seal from wearing and corrosion. In addition, the shaft seal water is also introduced into the slurry pump between the pump shell and the inner armor, ceramic pump, to prevent the slurry from entering the gap between the inner armor and the shell. Not only that, the slurry pump shaft seal water can prolong the service life of the slurry pump related accessories.

Because slurry pump can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, building materials and other industries to transport slurry containing solid particles, such as thermal power plant hydraulic ash removal, metallurgical beneficiation plant pulp transport, coal washing plant coal slurry and heavy medium transport. The origin of the slurry pump seal is the seal between the rotating pump shaft and the fixed pump body. The main function of the shaft seal is to prevent high pressure liquid from leaking out of the pump and prevent air from entering the pump. Although the shaft seal occupies a small position in the pump, the normal operation of the pump is closely related to the shaft seal. If the shaft seal is not selected properly, it will not only require frequent maintenance in operation, but also leak a lot of liquid that is transported, and may cause fire, explosion and poisoning accidents due to flammable, explosive and toxic liquid leakage, with unimaginable consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the shaft seal structure reasonably to ensure the safe operation of the slurry pump. The shaft seal of slurry pump is divided into packing seal, packing and impeller seal, mechanical seal, etc.

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