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  • Impeller refers to a wheel with moving blades, is an integral part of the impulse turbine rotor, and can also refer to the general term of the wheel and the rotating blades mounted on it. Impeller can be classified according to shape and opening and closing condition.

    Closed impeller

    It is composed of blades and front and rear cover plates. Closed impeller is more efficient and difficult to manufacture, so it is widely used in centrifugal pumps. Suitable for conveying clean water, solution and other viscosity small particles do not contain clean liquid.

    Semi-open impeller

    Generally, there are two kinds of structures: one is the front semi-open type, which is composed of the rear cover plate and blade. The impeller efficiency of this structure is low, and the sealing ring with adjustable clearance is needed to improve the efficiency. The other is the back semi-open type, composed of the front cover plate and blade, because the same sealing ring can be applied with the closed impeller, the efficiency is basically the same with the closed impeller, and the blade in addition to conveying liquid, but also has the sealing effect (back blade or auxiliary impeller). Semi-open impeller is suitable for conveying liquid containing solid particles, fibers and other suspended solids. Semi-open impeller manufacturing difficulty is small, low cost, and strong adaptability, in oil refining and chemical industry centrifugal pump applications gradually increased, and used for conveying water and liquid similar to water.

    Open impeller

    Impeller with only blades and blade stiffeners, without front and rear cover plates (open impeller blade number is less 2-5 pieces). Impeller low efficiency, less application, mainly used for conveying high viscosity liquid, as well as slurry liquid.

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